If you drive too fast,
the music plays too fast

Sound driving playlist

Press play and drive carefully. The music player will automatically check your speed and start playing the music too fast if you drive too fast.

Go easy on the gas and save money


Driving too fast increases fuel consumption and fuel costs. In fact, drivers in Sweden would save over €250 million per year if everyone kept to the speed limit.

The speed affects the climate


It's not just your wallet that feels good from a calmer driving style. If everyone in Sweden kept to the speed limit, carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by 300,000 tons per year.

Safer car journeys


The Swedish Transport Administration's calculations show that speed is of great importance for safety. If everyone were to reduce their average speed by one kilometer per hour, we would save about 15 lives a year.

Power to change

Our vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2 conscious energy.

Remember! Sound Driving is a service created by St1 Sweden with the aim of reminding drivers of speed violations and thus reducing fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions. The service does not replace the driver's own responsibility to maintain the speed. Since some stretches of road have changed the speed limit recently, or temporarily, Sound Driving also cannot guarantee that it will always remind you of speed violations, as the driver you always have the ultimate responsibility.